Who is eligible? All students in Southern Denton County in 4th through 12th grade.

When does it start and end?  Starts Oct 1, 2016 and ends Dec 9, 2016

What are prize amounts? Prizes will range between $100-$250. 

Where do I send my Art entry? LISD offices, your teacher will arrange.

What media is permitted? See contest rules.

Can I use color? Most DEFINITELY.

Photo Contest Winner
First Place,
Violetta Kalinicheva,
LHS Harmon
Second Place Winner,
Daniela Secundino,
LHS Harmon

2016 MLK Inaugural Photography Contest Winners
2017 MLK Photography Contest Winners
First Place 
Photography Contest
in the 10th grade or lower Category

Johana Rodriguez 10th Grade 
LHS Ms. Jayme
Second Place in the
10th grade or lower Category

Alisha Smith 10th Grade 
LHS Ms. Jayme
2nd Place in the
10th grade or lower category

Olivia Fouratt, 5th Grade 
Prairie Trail Elementary Ms. Miller
First Place Photography Contest
11-12th grade Category

Julia Adkins 11th Grade 
FMHS Ms. McLeod
2nd Place 
11-12th grade Category
Julia Hancock 11th Grade 
FMHS Ms. MacLeod