Contests closed. Next year's will begin October 15, 2020.​

Who is eligible? All students in Southern Denton County in 4th-12th grade.

What are prize amounts? Prizes will range between $25-$250. 

Where do I send my Art entry? LISD offices, your teacher will arrange.

What should I title my work? One Human Family: A Positive Vision for 2020 and Beyond.
It should explore how Dr. King’s ideals, philosophy, and principles apply to our lives.

What media is permitted? All work must be original composition. The photographs may be film/digital, color/B&W, without retouching, and mounted on poster board. Measurements should be a minimum of 9” x12” and maximum of 16” x 20”.  

Can I incorporate other media? Yes, but make sure the photograph is not overwhelmed by the other things. The story should be told by the central image and not by the peripheral enhancements or other components of a collage. Don't forget to put the story on paper and place it securely on the piece; the entries do travel many miles.

What's better, B/W photo or Color? It depends on your subject and the message that you're capturing. It also depends on the scene or the moment in time that reflects your positive vision for the future of this small planet.

Photo Contest Winner
First Place,
Violetta Kalinicheva,
LHS Harmon
Second Place Winner,
Daniela Secundino,
LHS Harmon

2016 MLK Inaugural Photography Contest Winners
2017 MLK Photography Contest Winners
First Place 
Photography Contest
in the 10th grade or lower Category

Johana Rodriguez 10th Grade 
LHS Ms. Jayme
Second Place in the
10th grade or lower Category

Alisha Smith 10th Grade 
LHS Ms. Jayme
2nd Place in the
10th grade or lower category

Olivia Fouratt, 5th Grade 
Prairie Trail Elementary Ms. Miller
First Place Photography Contest
11-12th grade Category

Julia Adkins 11th Grade 
FMHS Ms. McLeod
2nd Place 
11-12th grade Category
Julia Hancock 11th Grade 
FMHS Ms. MacLeod
North Texas Dr. King Photography 2018-19 Contest Winners
Grayson McEuin, 
Prairie Trail Elem (4)
Elementary Division, 
First Place
Sydney Etufugh, 
Castle Hills Elem(5)
Elementary Division, 
Second Place
Ms. Etherly
Shashank Chathapuram 
Prairie Trail Elementary(5)
Elementary Division, Third Place
Mr. Clayton
Madison Perezluha, Downing(7)
Middle School Division, 
First Place
Ms. Mick
Madelyn Dudek, Downing(8)
Middle School Division, 
Second Place
Ms. Mick
Mary Williams, Downing(7)
Middle School Division
Third Place
Ms. Mick
Briana Banuelos 
LHS Harmon(10)
High School Division
First Place
Ms. Jayme
Alyssa Dean, MHS9
High School Division
Second Place
Ms. Miller
Lauren Foster, FMHS (11)
High School Division
Third Place (A)
Ms. McLeod
Leah Giesler, FMHS(11)
High School Division
Third Place (B)
Ms. McLeod
Photography Contest winners 
N.TX MLK 2017-18

Photo 4th -5th Grade
1. Grayson McEuin, Prairie Trail(4), Clayton/Saucedo
2. Sydney Etufugh, Castle Hills(5), Ms. Etherly
3. Shashank Chathapuram, Prairie Trail(5), Mr. Clayton

Photo 6th -8th Grade
1. Madison Perezluha, Downing(7), Ms. Mick
2. Madelyn Dudek, Downing(8), Ms. Mick
3. Mary Williams, Downing(7), Ms. Mick

Photo 9th -12th Grade
1. Briana Banuelos, LHS Harmon(10), Ms. Jayme
2. Alyssa Dean, MHS(9), Ms. Miller
3A. Lauren Foster, FMHS(11) Ms. McLeod
3B. Leah Giesler, MHS(11), Ms. McLeod

First Place, High School Photo contest winner- Marcus 12th grader Justin Suttle: I took this photo on a bus filled with military veterans heading to a banquet. Their race, heritage, gender, or national origin do NOT matter. We're all the same when we serve our country.
Teacher: Ms. Jayme
High School Photo Contest, 3rd place winner, Flower Mound 11th grader Elizabeth Roeling: I took this photo at March for Our Lives in Dallas. The event brought together many different people for a common cause.
Teacher: Ms. McLeod
2nd Place High School Photo Contest winner is Flower Mound's 12th grader Lauren Foster: Visiting the US Capital, I saw this boy curiously gazing at all the people around him. It depicts American values: the freedom to dream, the opportunity to question, and a place to discover.
Teacher: Ms. McLeod
First place in Middle School Photo Category- Killian 6th grader Nooran Aziz: Every footstep leaves a mark. Make it a good one. Love the diversity in our world.
Teacher: Ms. Cordell
see larger caption to the left
3rd place winner in Middle School Photo Contest is 7th grader Jordan Swanzy of Creek Valley Middle School: This photo is made of the many faces, races, genders within my class.
Teacher: Ms. John
First place in Elem Photo contest winner is McAuliffe's 5th grader Jackson Beugler: Life is a team sport. Every player is important.
Teacher: Ms. Burton
2nd place in Elementary Photo contest category, 5th grader from Coyote Ridge Elementary Cameron Williams: I took this photo on a zoo field trip of various cultures. This is the make-up of God's world.
Teacher: Ms. McDonie
3rd place winner in Elementary Photo Contest is Prairie Trail's 5th grader Grayson McEuin.
Teachers: Clayton/Hernandez
Photo Contest Second Place winner in the Middle School Photography category, Riya Jadeja, McKamy (8th grader), Ms. Cox
Riya: I chose to do a mosaic to represent the cultural diversity around us. I photographed people of various ethnicities who love the diversity in the world. Every photo subject gave Riya permission for the use of their image.
First Place Winner in High School Category is Justin Suttle, Marcus 12th grader from Ms. Jayme's class.

Justin: I took this photo on bus filed with military veterans heading to a banquet. Their race, heritage, gender, nationality doesn’t matter. We’re all the same when we serve our country. 

Photo 4th -5th Grade
1. Jackson Beugler, McAuliffe (5), Mr. Burton
2. Cameron A. Williams, Valley Ridge (5), 
     Ms. McDonie
3. Grayson McEuin (5), Prairie Trail,  
Photo 6th -8th Grade
1. Nooran Aziz, Killian (6), Ms. Cordell
2. Riya Jadeja, McKamy (8), Ms. Cox
3. Jayden Swanzy, Creek Valley (7), Ms. John
Photo 9th -12th Grade
1. Justin Suttle, Marcus (12), Ms. Jayme
2. Lauren Foster, FMHS (12), Ms. McLeod
3. Elizabeth Roeling, FMHS (11), Ms. McLeod

MLK 2019-2020 Photography Winners: 
Elementary School 
1. Jason Wade, Liberty 4th, Mrs. Ducote 
2. Aliyanah Rocha, 5th, Creekside, Mrs. Erin Swiedom
3. Olivia Fechter, 5th, Valley Ridge, Ms. McDonie

Middle School 
1. Iris Wang, 7th, Killian, Mr. Jacks
2. Vidhi Jadeja, 8th, McKamy, Mrs. Cox
3. Samantha Higginbotham, 8th, Downing, Mrs. Mick

High School
1. Jayden Calloway, 10th grade, LHS Harmon, Mr. Brenan
2. Riya Jadeja, 9th grade, FMHS
3. Joana Candelas, 10th, LHS, Tricia Jennings