Contests closed. Next year's will begin October 15, 2020.

Who is eligible? All students in Southern Denton County in 4th-12th grade.

What are prize amounts? Prizes will range between $25-$250. 

Where do I send my Art entry? LISD offices, your teacher will arrange.

What should I title my work? One Human Family: A Positive Vision for 2020 and Beyond.

It should explore how Dr. King’s ideals, philosophy, and principles apply to our lives.

Can I incorporate other media? Yes, but make sure the photograph is not overwhelmed by the other things. The story should be told by the central image and not by the peripheral enhancements or other components of a collage. 

​What Art work options are there? Art canvas, poster board, or any quality art paper may be used. If using poster board or art paper, it must be matted. Measurements, including the matting, should be a minimum of 9” x12” and maximum of 16” x 20”. Art canvas does not need to be matted. GRAPHICS and GRAPHIC ART may be used for ENHANCEMENT but must comply with copyright laws. If the artwork is 3-D, it must be able to either stand alone or hang on the wall. 

Name (w/phonetic pronunciation), phone, email, grade, school, and teacher’s name should be written on the back. Please tape a 3”X5” card with an explanation of your work on the back. 

Winners Art Contest 2019-2020:

Art 4th Grade
1. Akshita Ande, Liberty, Mrs. Echols
2. Esha Sreemanthula, Wellington, Matt Ebert 
3. Avantika Kumar, Wellington, Matt Ebert 

Art 5th Grade
1. Kaelyn Campa, BB Owen, Ms. Abbas
2. Teagan Hubbard, Homestead, Manning
3. Braylynn Runyon, Homestead, Manning

Art 6th Grade
1. Keerti Konda, McKamy, Mrs. Cox
2. Sophia Nguyen, Forestwood, Ms. Gentry
3. Aanya Patel, McKamy, Mrs. Cox

Art 7th Grade
1. Vamika Bangarukathi, Killian, Mr. Jacks
2. Aanya Nuna, McKamy, Mrs. Cox
3A. Eric Jeon, Durham, Mrs. Bartel
3B. Aishi Setiawan, Killian, Mr. Jacks

Art 8th Grade
1. Joilyn Jones, Griffin, Ms. Nelson
2. Jada Paniagua, DeLay, Mrs. Shaw
3. Vidhi Jadeja, McKamy, Mrs. Cox

Art 9th Grade
1. Jaime Campopiano, Marcus, Mrs. Murdock
2. Riya Jadeja, FMHS, Ms. Kucuk 
3. Audrey Webb, Marcus, Mrs. Murdock

Art 10th Grade
1. Zoe Thompson, Marcus, Mrs. Bellevue
2. Angie Kim, LHS Harmon, Mr. Fletcher
3A. Emily Cho, Hebron, Mr. Mennsfield 
3B. Saloni Mistry, Marcus, Mrs. Lawrence

Art 11th Grade
1. Aanya Subramaniam, Hebron, Mr. Mennsfield,
2. Maggie Ku, Marcus, Mrs. Bellevue
3. Londyn Meeks, FMHS, Mrs. Harper

Art 12th Grade
1. Caitlin Reimer, Marcus, Mrs. Bellevue
2. Max Stockdale, FMHS, Mrs. Harper
3A. Reagan Starin, Marcus, Mrs. Bellevue
3B. Allie Williamson, Marcus, Mrs. Bellevue

Chairman’s Prize: Jenna Schmidt, FMHS 11, Mr. Kruk